Western Civilization Islam And Muslim - Abul Hasan Al Nadwi



Book : Western Civilization Islam And Muslim

Author : Abul Hasan Al-Nadwi

“WESTERN CIVILISATION – ISLAM AND MUSLIMS” has been hailed by the critics and general reading public alike as the most thought-provoking book of the Maulana. It deals with the conflict of ideas and ideals that is going on today in the entire world of Islam and indicates attitude which the Muslims can and should adopt for meeting the challenge posed by the western Civilisation. The Maulana holds that the salvation of Muslims lies neither in obscurantism nor in the imitation of the west, but in making a bold and positive attempt to take what is best in Western way of thought and life and then casting it in their own mould and in accordance with their own values and circumstances. The revised edition of the book has several additions, giving a new look to the work.

This book is a whiff of fresh air in the midst of communal madness all round ………It will be serving a great purpose if it can make the Muslim countries, especially the India Muslims, to some furious thinking in order to extricate themselves from the malaise in which they have been pushed by their static politics and programmes.

Maulana Nadwi has travelled widely and his work, mostly written in Arabic has been translated in several languages including English, French, Turkish, Persian, Indonesian, Urdu and Bengali.

Being in the fore-front of the struggle for Islamic regeneration, the views expressed by maulana Nadwi in the present book are deserving of attention by the students of contemporary civilisation.

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